Alternatives Experience Wanted. Bullies, Boors Need Not Apply

In the Financial Times‘ BoardIQ today, Greg Saitz writes about the experience and expertise mutual fund directors are seeking on their boards. Graham Michener, head of our Financial Services Practice, recently spoke with Saitz, and his commentary is featured below. This article appeared originally on May 5, 2015 in BoardIQ. *** Alternative investment experience is […]


NACD Directorship | How Healthy Board Culture is Critical to the Success of Small-Cap Companies

This article appeared originally in NACD’s Directorship here.   By Barrett Stephens, Carter Burgess, and Gregory Lau Small-cap companies, defined as having less than $500 million in market capitalization, represent the majority of public companies in the United States. They are often market innovators with lean staffs and the ability to turn on a dime. But without […]

Read more... Features Our Hospitality and Leisure Practice Leader

Ann Fastiggi, head of our Hospitality and Leisure Practice, offers below her latest perspectives on operators in the hospitality industry. In her new commentary for, entitled, “How Did We End Up With Such a Drought of Operators in the World of Hospitality”, Ann provides historical analysis of executives’ careers, stating, these “executives working the […]


Legendary Headhunter Reveals The 3 Qualities Companies Seek In Would-Be CEOs

Business Insider’s Drake Baer sat down recently with our chairman, Russell S. Reynolds, Jr., to discuss the qualities up-and-coming chief executive officers should possess. “A lot of 40-something Harvard Business School grads come to headhunter Russell Reynolds to ask him what went wrong in their careers.  ‘They want to know why they got passed by,’ […]


NACD Directorship | Offense is the Best Defense

Our CEO Brett Stephens and Matrice Ellis-Kirk, head of our Dallas office, write in the latest issue of NACD’s Directorship magazine on how boards of directors can embrace proactive nominating processes.   Offense is the Best Defense: A New Process for Nominating Committees Brett Stephens and Matrice Ellis-Kirk (@melliskirk) | October 06, 2014 Today’s public […]


What Makes for a Successful Board – Article by Carter Burgess

Carter Burgess Managing Director There are a number of ingredients that go into making a board truly successful. Of them, I believe a relevant board composition, a collaborative culture, and highly committed board members are three of the most important success factors. Composition My colleagues and I spend a great deal of time advising our clients on […]


Highly Effective Leadership

By Russ Reynolds

The first characteristic of any leader is to put other people’s interests ahead of his or her own. By this I mean you have to wake up in the morning and worry about doing “the right thing”. This means doing the right thing for your customers, your employees, and your stockholders.