Our Team

Joseph A. Bailey III

Managing Director

My Role at RSR Partners

Established the Human Capital Investment Advisory for our Sport Leadership Practice and serve as a trusted advisor to colleagues and to selected clients. Leadership coaching and career management are part of our premium services.

How I Deliver Impact

Impact is the result of striving for the highest return on the investment our clients make in our practice and firm. Our approach is unique in the industry — Rapid Deployment™ — a process which speeds up the likelihood for transformational leadership and requires our team to use all the tools in our experience tool kit.

Expertise I Bring to the Firm’s Clients

Thirty years of client-side leadership, management, and operations and twenty years of advisory provides the experience needed to accurately diagnose complex issues and customize solutions quickly. Plus, we employ a proprietary go-to-market methodology which guarantees to clients the broadest human capital solutions. We are not transactionally oriented when it comes to serving the best interests of the clients’ investment in human capital.

Life Outside RSR Partners

Significant international travel and a cultural mindset have contributed to the creation of the Global Sport Ecosystem™, the Peak Performance Organization™, the Balanced, Effective Leader™ and a host of white papers addressing the intersection of sport and business as a powerful teaching movement.

Sport is real, serious, and consequential — and a laboratory for leadership. Like in any public or private entity on the face of the earth, people are the only form of a sustainable, competitive edge. Every Peak Performance Organization (PPO) knows this.

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