Our Team

Trish O. Shortell

Managing Director

My Role at RSR Partners

Based in New York City, I lead the firm’s Marketing Services Practice and am a member of our Financial Officers Practice. Additionally, I serve as chair of the firm’s Marketing and Communications Committee, which is charged with synthesizing and activating a plan for communicating the firm’s capabilities. Perhaps my favorite role is nurturing people who display a similar interest in the magic that comes from bringing smart people to interesting roles.

How I Deliver Impact

Having worked on both the service side and client side, I bring a keen awareness of client needs. Moreover, I am a thought leader in the communications industry and am sought out for advice on business structures based on talent capabilities. Senior leaders cite my business acumen in adding value to their business. Most importantly, senior business leaders put their trust in my candid approach and advice on their personal career trajectory.

Expertise I Bring to the Firm’s Clients

Having straddled the creative and financial worlds of business for a number of years, I have built a reputation for a perspective on talent to which few have been privy. While financial and business acumen lay at the foundation of my career, creativity and innovative thinking has been core to my more recent work. My approach is to listen first and bring together a strategic solution, tapping years of experience to inform my thinking. I have a freakishly long memory, too, which serves me well in this business.

Life Outside RSR Partners

Outside of work, I lead a colorful life. I have been married for almost 20 years to Joe Shortell. We spend most evenings talking about the complexities of life while caring for both youngish children and aging parents. The range of care includes three teens, two octogenarians, and a bichon named Scooter. Yes, the Shortells keep things real with a sense of humor. Outside interests include photography, cooking, and travel. My fantasy career is to write for Saturday Night Live.

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