Inc. | This 1 Change Is Transforming How Employers and Candidates Think About Hiring

Wendy Murphy, head of our Human Capital Practice, is quoted this morning in Inc. stemming from a recent interview with reporter Jason Compton. The article explores the changing dynamics of how both sides of recruiting view the process.

In his piece, “This 1 Change Is Transforming How Employers and Candidates Think About Hiring”, Compton writes:

Hiring has always been about managing incomplete information. Even the most exhaustive, high-stakes search processes can have embarrassing gaps. Recruiting is still about making good decisions with imperfect information, but the important unknowns are changing. Between widely available public records, social media streams, and massive data breaches, it’s probably best to assume that no one has any secrets anymore…Transparency particularly benefits candidates, who can better understand a workplace from testimonials (anonymous and otherwise) easily located online. “You know what you’re buying into before you get there. You can see telltale signs of a company’s culture and how its people operate,” says Wendy Murphy, managing director and head of the human capital practice at RSR Partners. High-profile mistakes will, hopefully, dwindle in number and severity… “In C-suite recruiting, what used to be a few phone calls is already now about digging up 26 different references,” Murphy says.

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