The Journey to Digital: You Are Further Along Than You Think

In their latest white paper, our Industrial Technology and Innovation Practice‘s Colin Graham, John Hambley, Steve Martano, Don McMurchy, and Alan Renne untangle and demystify the complexities of digital to show that there is no true starting and endpoint on the digital journey.

Writing in The Journey to Digital: You Are Further Along Than You Think, they state:

“Digital is not a linear journey with a defined beginning and end. In fact, your company is further along in the digital journey than you probably think. Going digital is about driving innovation and embracing a different model to harness, activate, and commercialize the power of information. Digitization should be viewed as a journey towards optimization. At its core, it is about embracing technology and the inevitability of change…Executives who are currently leading their organizations through the digital journey foster an environment of continuous improvement.”

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The Journey to Digital

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