Marketers in the Boardroom: Guiding Directors and CMOs

Boards of directors are coming under increasing pressure from an array of stakeholders, some of whom are questioning the boards’ understanding of end users/consumers and customer experience. Now may be the time for nominating committees to proactively recruit marketing officers into their ranks.

In their latest white paper, Brad McLane, Trish Shortell, and Matrice Ellis-Kirk explore not only why boards of directors need more marketing officers in their ranks, but also how chief marketing officers can obtain a seat in the boardroom.

Writing in “Marketers in the Boardroom: Guiding Directors and CMOs“, McLane, Shortell, and Ellis-Kirk write:

“From activist investors, government agencies, and changing consumer behavior to cyberattacks, new digital platforms, and the need for new disruptive innovations to drive topline growth, many company boards could benefit from marketing expertise…The board’s short- and long-term decision-making requires the CMO’s counsel and input. The broader strategic challenges involving the company’s competition, innovation, and core customers are tackled better when the marketing officer contributes. CMO influence at the board level is only becoming more essential.”

To be noticed by recruiters and the nominating committees that employ them, a CMO should be a true performance marketer. This touches everything from eCommerce and geo-tracking to data analytics and content optimization. The key to success in the boardroom is having a strategic mindset and the ability to execute that strategy with proven results.”

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