Are You Next?

In his latest white paper, Giovanni Lamarca, co-head of our Consumer Goods and Services Practice, explores the landscape of the new consumer environment. He offers provocative insight into what organizations must do concerning growth and innovation, consumer outreach, and most importantly, talent.

Writing in “Are You Next? How Great Leaders Drive Growth in a Globally Connected, Highly Competitive, and Increasingly Regulated Consumer Environment”, Lamarca states:

“There is…[a]…major force dramatically shaping the consumer business space — one that, while gradual, will have a critical impact on how brands interact with consumers, how marketers engage in their craft, and how businesses perform: the consumer landscape is becoming increasingly more regulated. Once the wheels of regulation start turning, they rarely stop. This one-way path toward increased regulation is even more complex in the global arena, where markets operate in different regulatory environments… In highly regulated industries, there is no more “easy” marketing. No more business as usual. The name of the game is constant innovation. It is about redefining what is in the marketer’s toolbox, about fostering and creating trends. That will mean putting more emphasis on experiential marketing, interactive content, packaging development, improving the sensory experience of the retail shopper, shortening routes to market, and accelerating innovation internally and/or through strategic acquisitions. The broad digital arena will become more controlled, while the reach of traditional media will continue to lag.”

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Are You Next?

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