Opinion | The Role of Optimism in Leadership

How can you be sure your candidate has the right outlook? In “The Role of Optimism in Leadership,” Ann Fastiggi, Head of RSR Partners’ Hospitality & Leisure practice, and Darleen DeRosa, managing partner at OnPoint Consulting, discuss the role optimism plays in leadership and it’s importance in the hospitality industry:

In the Hospitality industry, employees are taught the tenants of customer service and achieving or exceeding guest satisfaction. That is not easily done without a positive attitude and a smile… Joy is a state of mind. “Being joyful requires feeling connected to other people in life, with nature, by appreciating the arts, and it requires an acceptance of life, as it is, in the present. Some believe that joy is a conscious commitment to be happy, to have a sense of contentment for the moment, despite life’s challenges,” states Cheryl McDonald, PsyD…

When looking for potential leaders, either internally or externally, organizations would benefit from using assessment tools to look for positive traits such as optimism, resilience and empathy. Using assessment tools provides robust data to guide selection and succession decisions and helps ensure candidates are a good cultural fit.

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