RSR Partners Experts Weigh in on Today’s Cyber Attack

In light of today’s massive “Petya” cyber attack, which brought down multi-national advertising and public relations giant WPP, pharmaceutical concern Merck, and Russia’s largest oil company, among others, cyber security experts at RSR Partners released the following statement. According to John Hambley and Steve Martano, senior members of our Data and Digital Practice, and Trish Shortell, head of our Marketing Services Practice and former head of executive recruiting and talent management for WPP:

“This latest series of attacks provides further evidence that a strong cyber security function is essential to mitigate the risk of business disruption, irrespective of company or industry. As cyber breaches become more sophisticated, companies need to rapidly adjust their security programs to drive proactive defense mechanisms driven by technology leaders who understand the increased level of sophistication behind these attacks. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And following the “Wannacry” attack emanating from Ukraine, the impact of today’s ransomware attack is another stark reminder for organizations that they need the right cyber security talent in place.”

To speak with one of our cyber security experts, contact: Christopher Sheeron, +1 (203) 246-8810,

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