SportsBusiness Journal Features Our Sport Leadership Practice

In SportsBusiness Journal this week, Dany Berghoff and Joe Bailey of our Sport Leadership Practice are featured several times.

First, in an article entitled, “The new creativity in executive search”, Berghoff is quoted by staff writer John Lombardo. Lombardo writes:

No longer is executive recruitment a purely transactional process where a search firm is simply selling an empty seat in an organization. “We move far beyond that,” said Dany Berghoff, principal at RSR Partners. “We spend an extraordinary amount of time learning about our client. It is the only way to do the search well.” According to Berghoff, past performance of a candidate isn’t always a clear indicator of future success. It is just as vital to understand the motivation of the candidate, which he said is best measured through interviews. “The easiest conversation is the competency part,” Berghoff said. “What is paramount is digging in and assessing for potential. Think of it like a scout operates in football. It is not about the obvious.”

In addition, Berghoff and Bailey are profiled as leading sport industry recruiters in the Journal’s feature “The searchers: Some firms in the sports space”.

Bailey and Berghoff



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