Hospitality and Leisure Practice Update | July 2017

Reflections on the First Half of 2017 As many of you may be experiencing, things have been extremely active. Companies continue to upgrade talent, acquire hotels, sell off assets, and spin off divisions. At RSR Partners, we see some increased activity in the timeshare and hospitality REIT sectors. These are industries we have been studying […]


Hospitality and Leisure Practice Update

Brands and Talent If you grew up in New England, you might remember fondly that Baskin-Robbins had 31 ice cream flavors. But now it seems there are 31 flavors of hotel brands for the consumer to consider. At what point does it become too much? Are there too many brands to choose from? Clearly the […]


Hospitality and Leisure Leader at NYU International Conference This Week

NEW YORK, N.Y. — In New York City this week, Ann Fastiggi, head of our Hospitality and Leisure Practice, is participating in the 37th Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. Fastiggi, a 20-year veteran of executive recruiting, will be discussing: Current trends in the lodging, restaurant, cruise, and travel sectors; Her analysis of the […]


A Year in Review | RSR Partners Hospitality and Leisure Practice

Hospitality and Leisure Practice A Year in Review News and Observations from 2014 While some could say that the ALIS theme this January of “Don’t Worry; Be Happy” sums up the sentiments of a good year and lots of positive momentum, there is so much more to the story. Having focused on the hospitality industry […]


Caesars Entertainment and RSR Partners

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark P. Frissora Chief Executive Officer-Designate   February 2015 We are a board and C-suite search firm focused on corporate governance consulting, director and senior-level recruiting, and strategic talent advisory. With deep experience recruiting at the highest and most sensitive levels of the hospitality and leisure industry […]

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Ann Fastiggi, head of our Hospitality and Leisure Practice, offers below her latest perspectives on operators in the hospitality industry. In her new commentary for, entitled, “How Did We End Up With Such a Drought of Operators in the World of Hospitality”, Ann provides historical analysis of executives’ careers, stating, these “executives working the […]


RSR Partners Appoints Ann Fastiggi as Managing Director and Head of Firm’s Hospitality and Leisure Practice

GREENWICH, Conn. — RSR Partners, a leading board and executive search firm, announced today the appointment of Ann Fastiggi as managing director and head of the firm’s Hospitality and Leisure Practice. With more than 20 years of executive search experience, Fastiggi will continue to focus on highly-visible CEO, president, and C-suite searches within the hotel, restaurant, […]